Product Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation 

Let me start out by saying I really dig the premise of Tarte’s brand, and that it is considered high-performance natural makeup. I’ve watched this brand on the market for some time, and tried some of their products here and there. But I recently had the opportunity to try their most promoted foundation, and unfortunately, I was just rather underwhelmed. Not that I’m saying I don’t think it’s a good product. But mostly that it’s not for me, because of my expectations. Here’s my two cents on why I think that way:

tarte, foundation, amazonian clay
Tarte’s natural full coverage foundation
  • The SPF is titanium dioxide, which I really appreciated about the formula. So, that is a plus for anyone with sensitive skin! But, the formula just felt a bit different to me – I love liquid foundations, and this one seemed “spongy” to the touch. Also, I apply foundation with a brush, and I felt like I was leaving a lot still within the brush – rather than a smooth application on my face.
  • Amazonian clay is also basically kaolin clay, which is a largely common clay ingredient in makeup and skincare. I was hoping this would help control shine in my t-zone, since I normally get oilier in summer – kaolin is a known absorber of oil and debris. But nope, I didn’t feel that it did much to control it, nor did I feel like it kept my skin fresher. Also, the clay is what most likely gives the formula that “spongy” texture I referenced, since it’s a dense ingredient.
  • I like a foundation that covers well – I’m not usually one for sheer foundations. But this one I didn’t feel really gave me that great of coverage. Plus, I tried layering on more to achieve better coverage, and it just seemed thicker, but not camouflaging. I didn’t like the amount of time it took me to have to try and achieve the level of coverage I wanted to. 
  • And lastly, I didn’t think that it was all that long wearing throughout the day. I’m of the mindset that my makeup needs to last me from about 7am until 8pm, and it usually does. But with this, I felt like it was pretty much done at 4pm or so. My daily makeup rountine doesn’t always involve primer, so I expect a lot from my foundation. But unfortunately, my skin and this one just didn’t seem to mix. 

I will still try other Tarte products, since they have a great assortment to choose from. For now, I’m sticking to my other foundation favorites. 

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