Beauty Tip: New Year’s Eve go-to lip color

Now that the holidays are over, the next big event is New Year’s Eve! Even if you don’t have big plans, it’s a great time to take inventory on things you want to change, improve or do differently in life. While some of you may laugh at this, there’s actually a very easy way to give yourself a little emotional or confidence boost, and that’s by changing up your lipstick or lipgloss color. There’s a phenomenon known as the “lipstick effect”, and it’s basically when times get tough, lipstick sales go up. Google it – it’s fascinating to read about how many different times in the ups and downs of this country there’s been peaks of lipstick sales! So, as you do some soul searching on things you want to do in 2017, have a little fun and change up your look with a fresh color to make a new start. Some of the smallest changes can have a large effect, and boost one’s outlook.

One of my favorites, especially for this time of the year, is switching to a rich berry lip color shade. It complements just about every skin tone out there, and is much easier to wear than red. Plus, it makes you look really polished yet natural, and a bit sassy, even if you aren’t wearing much makeup at all. Berry lip color can take you from day to night easily! Here’s some of my go-to brands and picks for that perfect berry shade:


Clockwise, from top:

  1. LORAC’s Alter Ego Lip Gloss in Dominatrix – simply put, this is just a really kickass formula and color! The lipgloss has just the right amount of pigment to cover like a lipstick, but keeps lips hydrated and shines for hours. While I know the intense color in the tube may look a little scary, it’s beautiful on even the lightest skin tones. This trends on the cooler shade range, but is really wearable on most.
  2. butterLONDON’s Plush Rush Lipstick in FAB – this is a beautiful combo of deep rose and berry, and has a more matte finish, but keeps lips moisturized and is long-wearing. butterLONDON’s lipstick is probably one of my favorite little splurges and has a hint of mint in the formula. This shade trends more to the warmer side, but again, looks fantastic on most skin tones. This is definitely a more sophisticated shade, but looks great dressed up or down.
  3. PUR Cosmetics’s Lip Gloss Stick in Rum Raisin – The sheerest of the 3 formulas featured, this lip gloss is in a super-handy crayon style for quick and easy application. PUR’s gloss is never sticky, and gives a beautiful wash of a neutral berry color, and gives a soft, moisturizing glossy sheen on the lips – with zero glitter! LOVE to wear this shade daily in winter, but it’s just a great for a night out or date night!


Not pictured, but also highly recommended, are Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (one of the first-ever lipstick+gloss hybrids!) and Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor. Both of these formulas offer a neutral berry shade, with a glossy sheen that hydrates lips.

As I’m writing this blog, listening to “Ladies & Gentlemen, the best of George Michael”, I agree that 2016 has been one of the most challenging years that I can remember, along with many heartbreaking and shocking moments. But I’m looking forward to starting anew next year. For those who read this, I’m hoping that you had a wonderful holiday season, and enjoy making some small changes that lead to bigger, positive impact. Cheers to the New Year!

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Beauty Topic: Strobing in Fall? Yes.

This past Spring and Summer brought on a slew of new highlighting and contouring products to the market. And there as also a new word in our vocabulary, “strobing”. This is basically applying highlighter, and forgoing the contouring balance effect. And the result is beautiful and great for any age or skin tone. 

If you purchased a highlighter this past summer, don’t think that you cannot use it even though Fall’s makeup colors trend darker. In fact, strobing is a great means to keep a brighter complexion, and soften up features to give darker berry lip colors a perfect complement. Here’s a few products that I tried over Summer that I love, and that I’ll keep using until next Spring! 

From the top left, clockwise:

1) PUR’s Sunkissed Glow highlighting palette features cream-to-powder formulas that range from a light carmel to champagne. These 3 shades blend together easily, and I like applying them with my foundation brush to blend. I’ve used them as a highlighting eyeshadow as well, and they can sub in for blush or light contouring too.

2) LORAC’s Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Twilight is a beautiful neutral champagne. The powder is silky, and a little goes a very long way. Makes a fantastic eyeshadow substitute, and creates an overall glow. 

3) Julep Skip the Brush cream-to-powder blush stick is actually a fantastic highlighter in the shade “sheer glow”. And it does just that – this a super versatile product in one convenient package. I love it for travel, or if you want a quick and easy means to try highlighting. 

So, what are some tips for quick and easy highlighting? After foundation is set,  think of only applying the highlighter to the areas of the face that are “high-points” or that would normally catch light. I.e: brow bone, forehead, tops of cheeks, bridge of nose, and tip of chin. Apply just a bit, and blend well. The goal isn’t to make the skin look “shiny”, but rather have a soft glow. This also lessens the appearance of fine lines, and conceals uneven skin tone. Apply blush after, as needed to warm up the complexion. In the darker months of November through February, these effect is really pretty if you go out for dinner or drinks – the sheer sheen will catch the light and play up your natural features.

Plus, all of these products I mention above are great for sensitive skin, and don’t give a glittery, disco-ball effect. I wear a highlighter every day, and I can tell the difference in my appearance when I don’t. Strobe on, lovelies, strobe on. 

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Product Review: PÜR Cosmetics Wake Up Brow dual-ended pencil

I know that it’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve been trying some great products and finally am at a point where I can share an educated opinion. And one of these fantastic newer products that I’ve been trying the last couple of weeks is PÜR Cosmetics’ Wake Up Brow pencil. 

My selected shade is Blonde Roast, and it’s quite a bit lighter than what I had been using, which was Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil. But what drew me to try the PÜR pencil was the options of a highlighter plus a brow brush built into the design. And I really like the shade range available, so I decided to try the lightest shade and see how it performed.

PUR cosmetics wake up brow pencil
Loving this new brow pencil!

First off, the concept of a highlighter plus brow pencil in one isn’t new to the market, but I love the fact that this shade of pale pink highlighter is not shimmery. That can be a hard thing to find, since so many highlighting products contain a lot of shimmer. You can apply the pale pink highlight either directly under the brow arch for an instant “lift” effect, or along the lower inside lash line (waterline) to brighten the eyes. Then using the brow color, it quickly applies and is just waxy enough to allow you to brush hairs into place. This contouring affect for the eyes does wonders to making you look more awake and defined without having to use a lot of makeup.

I was happy with how much definition I was able to get with this one product – the shade was perfect for giving my brows just enough color, and the application is smooth. Plus, it’s long-wearing! I love PÜR’s products in that they are conscious of ingredients, yet the performance is high-powered. My sensitive eyes and skin didn’t have any reactions, and I’m loving that I get a multi-tasking product in one. I think I just found one of my new favorite brow pencils! 

Product Review: PUR Cosmetics’ new mascaras

So, to be fair, I should actually say “newer” mascaras, since both of these PUR Cosmetics mascaras have been on the market for a bit. But they are the newest formulas to the line’s assortment of eye makeup. And I decided to try both formulas back to back and compare. 

PUR’s Volume Vixen Mascara in Black

This keratin-enriched formula has been around for about a year, and it combines a volumizing and strengthening blend of ingredients. The wand has a unique delivery design to control the amount of product distributed. I’ll admit I didn’t get the type of application ease that I normally see with my favorite e.l.f. Mineral Infused mascara.

The brush is comprised of evenly spaced bristles, but it does a good job of lengthening, defining and separating. I felt that it kept up with me during the day, and didn’t flake or smudge. Plus, I did like that the formula is buildable. Overall, I think it’s a good upgrade from the Big Look mascara by PUR.

PUR’s Fully Charged Mascara in Black

This mascara boasts a formula that uses magnetic polymer technology. This is the latest mascara from PUR, and I love it! The formula delivers a bold application from the start, and still lifts, defines, and builds volume fast. I’ll admit I was a bit curious on how the magnetic technology would make a difference – but I was happily surprised to see how well this mascara performed. Per PUR’s product info, the formula also includes peptides to give an anti-aging benefit.

The brush has a variety of bristle lengths, and builds the formula fast. Plus, I felt like it grabbed every lash fast. I wore it during humid days, and there was no flaking or smudging. Out of the two, this was my favorite, hands-down.

Both formulas are great, and are priced just under $25. For prestige mascaras, I prefer the Fully Charged formula, as it performed best for me. Both are very easy easy to remove with a cleansing cloth, and didn’t irritate my eyes. Give these a try – I think you will get great results too! 

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