Product Review: butter LONDON Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer

Butter LONDON is one of my favorite nail/makeup brands for a lot of reasons. Mainly because they are committed to omitting controversial and harmful ingredients, of which plague the nail industry. But also because they are innovative and have the manicure equivalent of the no-makeup makeup look. Per my previous post, I try to pick the easiest possible polishes and tools to give myself manicures, simply because I’m so busy and usually hard on my nails. Bravo for butter LONDON thinking of this really cool new polish/treatment:

butter london, nail polish, sheer wisdom
best new treatment polish!

This new line of 6 shades is a neutral nail treatment and polish in one, that actually helps moisturize, strengthen, and repair nails. All while giving a beautiful buff, natural color to the nails. Similar to the Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment, this can be used as a quick polish and dries fast. The shade above is “Neutral”. 

The formula counteracts brittle nails, and prevents future breakage. The 6 shades are designed to complement any skin tone. The other plus? It doesn’t smell strongly after it dries – I used my prep tools and drying drops (see my Quick & Easy Manicure post) and I was done in 10 minutes! My skin wasn’t irritated by excess chemicals either – my fingertips felt comfortable and weren’t red or stinging. My nails are prone to breakage, and I usually keep them shorter, since they won’t grow long. I can’t wait to see how they look with continued use of Sheer Wisdom! Give it a try – even as a great in-between manicure choice if you usually go for brighter colors.

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Product Review: My 3 latest beauty obsessions from Julep

For those of you who read my blog, you’ll know of my beauty box opinions. Julep has become my favorite (for their assortment and subscription functionality), and I’ve found 3 products in shades that I’m seriously loving for this Spring.

my 3 new favorites from Julep!
  1. Julep Nail Color in Whitney: this is beautiful nude taupe nail polish in a cream finish. I love it for my manicures, especially layering underneath essie’s Gel Setter top coat. It lasts incredibly well, and is subtle to wear with everything.
  2. Julep It’s Balm Full Coverage Lip Crayon in Nectar Pink Creme: Ok, straight talk? This is just a gorgeous nude pink in a fantastic formula. It reminds me of my favorite Cargo Essential Lip Color in Sante Fe, and it has a moisturizing core to care for lips. It has the slightest sheen to it, and wears beautifully throughout the day. In a pinch, I used it as blush, and it looked awesome.
  3. Julep When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Eyeliner in Smokey Taupe Shimmer: I’ll admit I have VERY high standards for eyeliner, for two main reasons; 1) I have sensitive eyes, and 2) I want a smooth formula that lasts. And this eyeliner may have just unseated my all-time favorite “Eqyptian” Cream Shaper eyeliner from Clinique. This shade is gorgeous for most eye colors, and the formula is so smooth but long lasting. I’m totally impressed with this, as it didn’t cause me any irritation and yet contains shimmer. (Shimmer or mica particles are often a culprit of irritation in eye makeup)
it’s balm full coverage lip crayon and when pencil met gel eyeliner

This brand is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Not only is the box subscription model easy to use, the value is great and formulas are high quality. Also, their formulas are very user friendly and caring for skin. Julep is also starting to be featured in retailers, so keep your eyes on this brand!

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