Product Review: Julep Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Stick

Korean beauty innovations have made a huge impact on the retail scene in recent years, and are changing the way that many women shop for both skincare and makeup products. Some of these K-beauty products include cleansing sticks, which are basically solid versions of liquid facial cleansers. One of my favorites is from Julep – a Korean-inspired brand that has brought both simplicity and innovation to the forefront. Here’s what I like about their Love Your Bare Face cleansing stick:

1) It’s so easy to use!! Remove the cap, twist up a bit of the stick, and swirl across  a damp face. Then wet your hands, and work into a lather. This also works beautifully with a konjac sponge for extra deep-cleaning. Julep offers konjac sponges, but my favorite is the sensitive skin version from Eco-Tools. Rinse after 30-60 seconds, and your skin feels clean and soft!

2) The formula is fantastic! The base of this formula is coconut oil, with a blend of other oils that purify, comfort, break down makeup, and soothe skin. Plus, fruit enzymes work to exfoliate and purge skin of debris and dead skin cells. If you normally experience a bit of dryness or flakiness as the weather becomes cooler, this formula is perfect for combination, sensitive and drier skins – it helps skin keep hydrated as the climate changes. Green Tea extract and Vitamin E round out an impressive blend of ingredients, with no added fragrances. 

3) Perfect for travel or gym bags! Anyone who travels a lot can tell you that it’s tricky to find beauty product packaging that doesn’t burst open. Or how cool it is to find a multi-tasking product that takes  up minimal space or your bag. I was truly surprised how much product you get, and the size is the same as an average stick of deodorant. Plus, the package design is waterproof, and the cap twists on securely. I’ve had my cleansing stick now for about 2 months, and there’s still quite a lot remaining. It’s a great value! 

This is fast becoming a favorite cleanser of mine, and just may replace my go-to everyday Clinique Mild bar soap. Especially since the packaging is so easy to use and travel with. Don’t let the oils and extracts in the formula scare you if you have combination or oilier skin – this is a great cleanser for most skin types, especially as we go into Fall. 

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Beauty Topic: Facial Cleansers

My top picks for sensitive skin types.
One of the most common questions I receive from people is, “which cleanser is best for sensitive skin?” The answer is, “that depends.” Not to frustrate people, but it truly is the answer – not all skin is the same, and there are varying degrees of sensitivity. But, there are a few common qualities that make my favorites standout from the huge variety on the market. Plus, depending on what season you’re in, or the current condition of your skin, the choice for a cleanser may change often to fit your needs.

Here’s the common qualities of cleansers that I find work best:

1) NO fragrance. Fragrance is a known allergen.

2) Mild and easy to rinse/wash off – no waxes or heavy emollients that would leave residue behind.

You’ll notice that I’m not listing much else – well, think of it this way: a cleanser needs to be able to thoroughly remove dirt, debris, oil, dead skin and makeup from your face without causing irritation. Then it goes down the drain. My philosophy is to keep your cleanser simple and effective, and then invest in higher-powered treatments to do the heavy lifting. Plus, what I am recommending are proven to work.

Not all of top picks below are in the photo above, but I’ve listed them per skin type. And yes, sensitive skin can still have other concerns like acne, oiliness, etc. Choose based on your combination of needs:

Dry Skin

Use: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser – both are amazingly gentle, yet effective. If you want more of an Anti-aging product, go with CeraVe. The ceramides and sodium hyaluronic acid provide powerful benefits to combat fine lines. Tip: apply to dry skin and work into a mild lather, then rinse.

Combination Skin

Use: Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Cleanser or Clinique Mild Facial Soap. Both comfort dry patches and control oily areas. If you also want an Anti-aging product, go with Miracle Skin Transformer.

Oily Skin

Use: Trader Joe’s Nourish All-In-One Facial Cleanser or CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. Both are amazingly refreshing, yet will not strip the skin. For an Anti-aging benefit, go with CeraVe.

Another interesting aspect of these cleansers listed is that they all will help combat acne. Wash 2x a day  (AM and PM) for the maximum results, and give your skin about 4 weeks to adjust to a new product. After cleansing, be sure to sure to treat and moisturize accordingly (more about this soon). These cleansers are all tried and true – I am sure you’ll find a favorite in one of them.

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