Beauty Topic: DIY all-purpose coconut oil

If you haven’t been under a rock, you’ll have been completely aware that coconut oil has been having a HUGE moment the last couple of years in the beauty industry. But it’s not technically a new phenomenon. Coconut oil has been used for centuries by various island cultures as a natural beauty product, especially because it’s a multi-tasking superstar. In its raw form, coconut oil is an effective hair conditioner, skin moisturizer, makeup remover, cuticle conditioner, and contains essential fatty acids that make it an excellent cooking oil as well. Due to its multiple benefits and relatively low allergy risk, it’s used as a base ingredient in many beauty products. If you have dry, brittle or damaged hair, dry skin, wear a lot of makeup or waterproof formulas, or suffer from dermatitis or eczema, then coconut oil is highly recommended to work into your daily routine.

There are several premium brands that hit the market recently, but one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to use coconut oil is to purchase it from your local grocery store. However, the packaging is not always appropriate for a bathroom. Case in point, I was at the gym about 2 months ago, and saw a woman with a 16oz glass jar of coconut oil (from a local grocery brand) on the counter next to her, as she was finishing getting ready after showering. While I completely appreciate her resourcefulness and cost-effectiveness, I worried for her safety since a 16oz glass jar with a tin lid is NOT very safe around slick bathroom surfaces. So, this experience inspired me to write this post, since I already create my own more user-friendly packaged coconut oil. It’s very easy to complete as a do-it-yourself project, and takes about 20 minutes tops. Here we go!

First, gather the following materials:

a. 16oz jar of virgin organic coconut oil. My #1 choice is from Trader Joe’s, as it’s usually about $5 for a full-size jar. Hard to beat that price!

b. Grab a clean, large mixing bowl from your kitchen cupboard.

c. Get a clean teaspoon to stir the oil (see step below).

d. Prior to starting, purchase a clean 3oz plastic travel jar with lid (I got mine from The Container Store for under $2) – make sure to wash both in hot water with soap, to remove any contaminants and bacteria, and dry thoroughly. Keep the lid off to start.


Second, use the following steps to create a bathroom-friendly and travel-safe coconut oil beauty product:

  1. Make sure the lid of the coconut oil jar is initially loosened up. Keep the lid on the jar, tight enough to keep out water.
  2. Place the mixing bowl in your kitchen sink, and put the coconut jar inside. Fill the bowl with hot water (not boiling) so that the jar is mostly submerged but not fully underwater.


3. After a few minutes, the coconut oil should start turning slightly “clear” on the sides of the jar, but still white in the middle. Once this happens, take the jar out, and place on the counter and dry off completely with a towel.

4. Unscrew the lid, and stir up the coconut oil with the spoon to fully blend. The oil’s consistency should mimic milk or heavy cream, and still be white in color.

5. Pour the oil into the open plastic 3oz travel jar, filling to the edge of the lowest thread on the jar’s lip.


6. Put the metal lid back on the large 16oz coconut oil and place into a cabinet to cool down and solidify again. Hint: if you haven’t yet tried it for cooking, give it a whirl! It’s super tasty and good for you.

7. Lastly, let the small 3oz travel-sized jar sit still and cool down on the counter for a while – this may take about an hour or two for it to solidify. You can also place within the refrigerator, if preferred. Once it’s solid, the coconut oil is now in safer packaging for use in a bathroom – plus, it’s easily packable for travel!

If you know you want multiple travel-sized jars, one large 16oz jar will make about 5 small 3oz travel jars – and you can easily pour them all at the same time, and then just let them chill! Store all coconut oil in a cool cabinet or shelf, and out of direct sunlight.


If you are wondering how long the 3oz size will last you, you only need to use about a dime to a nickel-sized amount at a time. When using coconut oil, let the natural heat of your hands melt down the oil into a creamy texture, and use wherever needed. For example, my current 3oz jar has lasted me about 2 – 1/2 months with daily use. I scoop out two nickel-sized amounts daily as an overall body moisturizer after I shower. At night, I scoop out a nickel-sized amount to use as a full-face makeup remover, and gently breakdown mascara – I then remove it all with a Costco makeup wipe, and then wash my face with my normal nightly routine. Plus, it’s a great cuticle treatment before bedtime, and conditions rough elbows and heels. With winter weather coming fast, it’s a perfect time to start using coconut oil and keep hair and skin properly conditioned.

The uses don’t stop there! There’s a lot people who love making their own lip balms and soaps, and coconut oil is often a base ingredient. Simply search recipes on Google that call for coconut oil, and you’ll find various homemade projects and recipes for almost any beauty concern. Have fun!

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Beauty Topic: Top 3 Home remedies for dry & irritated skin

Extreme temperatures cause a lot of challenges for all skin types. But before you panic and run to the nearest store to drop a ton of money on pricey creams or treatments, you actually may have some instant remedies in your kitchen!

For all skin types, it’s important to note that allergies can happen or crop up at any time. So, please be mindful of using items from your kitchen – food allergies do translate to skin allergic reactions too! Here’s my recommendations, but by all means please use at your own judgment if you do suffer from any known allergies.

  1. Olive Oil: Extra Virgin is usually my go to for cooking, and is also fantastic as a light but deep moisturizer for skin. Olive oil has been a cosmetic staple for centuries – it also is a base ingredient for many types of soaps, makeup, and skincare products. One of the main reasons is that olive oil mimics our skin’s own natural sebum (oil) and therefore is readily absorbed by the skin. Looking for a super mild but effective makeup remover? Grab a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and some cotton pads. I do like olive oil for combination and oilier skin; it doesn’t feel as heavy as other oils. It will help soothe dry patches and also is great for cracked cuticles.
  2.   Coconut Oil: this has been a huge trending topic the last few years in the beauty industry, similar to Argan/Morroccan Oil in it’s hey day. Why? Well, for one, coconut-based ingredients are used in a huge amount of beauty and bath products. Also, it’s very hydrating and soothing in it’s raw form. I like to get mine from Trader Joe’s, as I feel it’s great quality for the price. Coconut oil will remove every last bit of makeup, and hydrates / soothes extremely dry skin. Note: there are TONS of uses for this noted on the Internet, but please be cautious using a glass jar in the bathroom. I transfer mine into little plastic jars, as this stuff can be very slippery! Mix a little bit in with your favorite body lotion, and it boosts hydration but absorbs quickly. Due to it’s creamy consistency, it makes a sweet lip balm too. 
  3. Manuka Honey: this is pretty magical stuff! Manukau honey is from New Zealand, and is considered a super food. It is also nature’s antibiotic, and soothes irritation or cuts. It makes a really nice face mask to balance, hydrate, and purify – just use a warm washcloth to remove after 5 minutes or so. A spoonful is also great at helping to soothe sore throats! 

Here’s a couple of tips I’ve picked up through using these products regularly:


trader joe's, coconut oil, yes to carrots
one of my favorite makeup removing combos!
For makeup removal, I use a quarter-size amount of coconut oil and melt it in my palm first – then spread all over face and eyes to completely breakup makeup. Then, I use my Yes To Cucumbers wipes to remove. Since I have combination skin, I do follow with cleanser, serum, treatments and moisturizer. 

For moisturizering, I don’t use these oils (olive or coconut) on my face during the day. Remember – oils breakup makeup. So, if you don’t want your makeup sliding down your face during the day, leave your oils for night treatments. But I LOVE mixing a bit of these oils in with my body lotion when I get out of the shower in the morning during winter – it keeps my skin hydrated, but the lotion helps the oils absorb fast.

Use plastic containers for these products to be safe – look at your local Target or Container Store for cute and functional options, especially when using in bathroom with slick ceramic or tile surfaces. Safety first! Simply refill from the original containers – a little goes a really long way with each of these products, so you will get your money’s worth!

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Product Review: Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter

One of my favorite things is recommending a beauty product to someone, and then having them react as follows: “Whaaaat?!! How did I not know about this before?!” That is typically the response I get whenever I recommend this little gem of a bath & body product to someone and they try it – it is just that good. If you do have a Trader Joe’s near you, or have connections with people who do, I highly recommend giving this body butter a try for summer. Yes, it is inexpensive, but not always does a high price equal a better beauty product – this is one of those unsung heroes that deserves praise. It is a naturally-derived product that contains coconut oil, but also does have a minor amount of added fragrance to it (just a word of caution for those who cannot wear synthetic scents due to sensitivity). As many of you know, coconut oil is having it’s 15 minutes of fame in the beauty industry, and sadly is almost becoming a bit tiring to hear of. I’m not recommending it solely for that reason, but rather that this product is just darn good. Let’s count the ways!

1) Deeply hydrating but not greasy – it absorbs fast!

2) Good for all-over body use – unlike other body butters, this spreads evenly and quickly. Great for elbows and cuticles!

3) Smells sweet and fresh, but not like a cocktail with an umbrella in it. I like to think of it as a sophisticated use of coconuts…. like if coconuts met up with an Ivy League grad. Is that weird?

4) Huge value! This is super concentrated and lasts a long time. That is if the other people in your household don’t keep stealing it from you.

Enjoy this little kickstarter to summer – you’ll be glad you did!

Summer in a jar!
Summer in a jar!

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