Beauty topic: best body moisturizers for sensitive skin

Previously on 28daysbeauty, I did a post about body washes for sensitive skin. Well, I didn’t want to miss discussing the other important topic for maintaining great skin overall: body moisturizers. Yes, one of the best means at keeping your overall appearance youthful and healthy is simply by using a great moisturizer that nourishes skin and doesn’t create irritation. It seems basic, but there are a lot of people that miss this important step, or don’t think it’s all that necessary. Believe me, after seeing many clients through the years, you often see a person that looks older than their real age due to the fact that they missed out on moisturizing their arms, torso and legs. 


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best overall body moisturizers for any season
My go to body moisturizer for any day, any season, is the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion fragrance-free version. The main active ingredients in this lotion are dimethicone and oat extract. Dimethicone is a skin protectant, and oat extract naturally soothes skin. This is a very lightweight lotion, and absorbs extremely fast. I love this for any skin that has been sunburned or had too much irritation from chlorine, etc. This will soothe and calm skin without feeling greasy or sticky.

My other favorite, that is much more hydrating, is Bliss’ Naked Body Butter. Bliss knows their body butters – in my opinion, this is one of the best for sensitive skin because it contains no fragrance, yet delivers the hydration needed. Coconut oil is a main ingredient that helps to hydrate, hold moisture, and soothe severely dry skin. This also makes a great hand cream!

Many people think that the best means of applying body lotion is right after a shower. Yes, you could, but it’s not imperative. The biggest thing is to just use it everyday. For example, I shave my legs everyday, and applying body lotion after ensures I minimize the tiny red bumps that can often occur after. Skin needs moisture to stay youthful and healthy – if you get into the daily habit of application, you will help ensure your skin looks it’s best for years to come. 

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