Product Review: Quick & easy NYE look by KIKO Milano

Throughout the holiday season, we often have numerous parties and get-togethers that almost always include multiple photo opportunities from beginning to end. And how many of us have photographs from holidays past that we’d rather forget? I’ve often found that busy holiday parties don’t allow much time for touch-ups, and if they are emotional (due to seeing loved ones or friends whom you haven’t spent much time with in a while) can wreak havoc on eye makeup. Plus, if you’re traveling or are out-of-town, it helps to keep packing simple. This may sound funny, but I’ve put a lot of thought into this over the years, especially in trying to balance business, friends, and family parties around the holidays. This past September, I was able to buy a few products from one of my favorite European brands, and put the look to the test through the holidays! And voilá – my 2018 NYE look from KIKO Milano!


The premise of my selections are based on optimal light-catching formulas, a soft eye, and a bold lip. Let’s take a look at each product, and how I’ve worked into my routine for the holidays: (from the top)

  1. Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow in 14 Satin Ancient Rose + Matte Wine: I love KIKO’s shadows as you can use them wet or dry, and the shadows are matched to exactly compliment each other. To me, this duo is actually a great neutral combo for blue eyes – the pink/purple tones make blue eye color pop. I blend the light pink over my lid, and then using a wet shadow brush, I shade my lash line with the darker purple to create a soft effect. The satin finish isn’t too sparkly, and gives just a hint of shimmer.
  2. Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter in 101 Rose: since I have a neutral undertone to my skin, I chose a pink highlighter to get a different effect than my other champagne-toned highlighters for the cooler months. The pink plays well with the eyeshadow shades above, and helps give a rosy-glow to skin. In addition to my cheekbones and bridge of my nose, I also use this highlighter directly under my brow bone and on the inside corners of my eyes, before adding eyeshadow. This gives an extra element of dimension, and works well as a day-to-night look.
  3. Jelly Stylo glossy lipstick in 511 Fuscia: for days that I know I’ll be talking a lot, I prefer glossy finishes. They wear more easily, and keep my lips comfortable and hydrated. I love this lipstick, since it combines vibrant color (like a lipstick) with the hydrating finish of a gloss – without the shimmer. This bright pink gives the focal point of the overall look, and makes for an easy touch-up that always looks great on camera! Pink is becoming my new favorite for the holidays, since it’s easily goes from day-to-night – reds don’t always make an easy transition if you’ve got an all-day activity!
  4. 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara in Black: my quest for a great formula and silicone brush got a win in this great treatment mascara! The treatment complex of the formula stimulates lash growth to lengthen and strengthen. It also wears well through the day, and is buildable for either a natural or a dramatic look.

Pairing these with a great foundation, a natural blush and eyebrow pencil, this combo creates a soft yet dramatic look that looks great for either personal or business parties! I especially love the low effort needed to get an amazing look – perfect for a busy New Year’s Eve! You can recreate look with similar shades, or try this brand out for yourself.

I discovered KIKO while in Italy in 2014, and quickly came to love their professional quality formulas and low price points – whenever I go back abroad, I’ve always stocked up on a few more products to try! Luckily, you can buy the brand online – I think this is a brand to watch, since they have such a huge following in Europe, and are starting to make their way to the States. Heres to a great 2019 – Happy New Year!

©2018 28daysbeauty

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