Product Review: Glossier makeup

Indie beauty brands, to me, are always exciting to discover. They are often the rebels and innovation starters of the industry, and can really surprise you. Plus, they often market themselves completely differently than the rest of the competition. Glossier caught my eye about a year ago, and I’ve been watching the buzz around them grow. This past Christmas, I asked for a makeup and a skincare kit from them, and spent these first two months of the year giving them a try.

An NYC brand that was built off of the blog “Into the Gloss”, Glossier truly break rules in how they define makeup and skincare. I appreciate the simplicity and direct style of their website, and that they offer value kits of their best sellers to introduce you to the brand. Their product ingredient list is also what caught my attention – fragrance free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, and cruelty free formulas is what I look for in a beauty brand for my skin. This post will focus on their makeup, and my next post will focus on their skincare.

The makeup kit that I received contained three products: Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G sheer matte lipstick. In addition, I also ordered their Lip Gloss, pictured above. And I can confidently say, I’m seriously loving all of it! Let’s take a look at why:

1) Boy Brow in Brown: this has been one of Glossier’s most definitive products, because it shapes, defines, and colors eyebrows but does so in a completely natural-looking effect. Added bonus? It’s so easy to use, and is long lasting. The tube is small, but I’ve found that a few short swipes on each brow is all that I need to fill and define.

2) Stretch Concealer in Light: I’m super picky about foundation and concealer. But what I love about this is that I’ve found it actually acts as both. It’s super creamy and blends in with my skin completely. I use a Concealer brush to apply in patches where needed, as well as under eyes on my eyelids to lighten and brighten skin. I then use my foundation brush to blend in, and build coverage as needed. The formula uses natural waxes and oils to bend and flex with skin, and doesn’t look cakey or dry. I have combination skin, and I really like the semi-dewy finish.

3) Generation G sheer matte lipstick in Crush (hot raspberry pink): this lipstick made me rethink matte finishes. Many of the other matte lipsticks I’ve tried are pretty heavy, thick formulas. And some of the liquid versions that I’ve tried came off on my teeth, or coated my coffee cups with a weird goo-like effect. This is a very silky formula, and you can build for vibrancy. I love hot pink lip color, as I find it’s a shade that looks more natural than red. It also looks great on virtually any skin tone. I’ve also found that some brighter colors made my lips irritated – this felt comfortable all day, and didn’t irritate at all.

4) Lip Gloss: I was really excited about this, because I wanted a great, clear lip gloss to use alone or over any lipstick. This contains zero glitter, which I also like. Over the years, I’ve found that too much glitter or shimmer irritated my lips. This is super concentrated and hydrating. The finish is also mega-glossy, but isn’t sticky at all.

Glossier does not sell mascara, which is against the mainstream look of a “full face”. I get it – their approach is definitely skincare first, and looking more natural, which I appreciate. I love wearing mascara, so I just added it to my look by using one of my faves (L’Oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black). In all, I loved the final effect – my face felt light and fresh, and at the end of the day, the colors stayed true. Their products do what they say, and are very low-maintenance yet polished. I also admit that I loved the simpler makeup routine in the morning. Give this brand a try – the prices are right, and the quality is fantastic!

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