My favorite picks for National Lipstick Day 2017!

I absolutely adore lipstick. In fact, it's the first makeup product that I can remember trying as a kid, when I got into my mom's Color Me Beautiful stash in the lower drawer of our bathroom vanity. The transformation that lipstick has is amazing, and even though lip gloss is awesome, I always will have preference for using a great lipstick. Case in point, here are two brands that over the past couple of years have always delivered for me – Lipstick Queen and LORAC. Both are great indie brands, which I think makes lipstick even more fun – it's one of the ultimate "rebel" tools a woman has in her arsenal to look as innocent or vampy as she wants. Even within a matter of minutes. My top pick for Lipstick Queen is 'Hello Sailor' – I first reviewed this lipstick last year in September, and I found that I still reached for it constantly. In fact, I bought a new tube of it today, since I realized that I was going through withdrawal after not having it for the past month! What I love most is that the shade flexes on every skin tone to the perfect shade of berry and feels cushiony, like a gloss/lipstick hybrid. I think I reached for this as my most-worn shade in the past year or so, as it always looks good and I can apply it without looking in a mirror.

Up next, I had to treat myself to a new shade for National Lipstick Day, and I immediately thought of LORAC. Their lipsticks are highly pigmented, but skin-caring and comfortable to wear. Plus, I didn't just get one new lipstick, but a kit that features 5 gorgeous shades, from their recent collaboration for 'Beauty & The Beast' – for $36, you get a variety of neutral shades and one vibrant red in their new MOD Cream formula. OMG – ladies, grab this kit before it's gone! I got both of these at ULTA, and they are so worth it.

The shades (clockwise, starting from the top) are: Red Rose, Savoir Faire, True Beauty, Tres Chic, and Belle-ieve. Red Rose is a perfect, neutral red, while True Beauty is a beautifully pale pink. But it doesn't look chalky or too washed out. The Tres Chic is also an awesome throw-back to the 90's brown lipstick trend. The MOD Cream formula is also a more satin finish than LORAC's Alter Ego formula, which I feel is easier to wear than matte finishes. I love that there isn't much shimmer at all, just a lovely, smooth formula that is comfortable to wear. I usually carry a lighter neutral and a bright shade with me in my bag, and I'm so excited to have these for the next several months.

If you don't normally wear lipstick, it may be fun time to try out a kit – it gives you variety to experiment with, and also determine what comfort zone you have with shade ranges. And if you don't wear makeup regularly, lipstick is one of the easiest products to use and feel a bit more polished.

Enjoy National Lipstick Day!

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