Product Review: Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Foundation Stick

Sonia Kashuk is a real makeup artist, most notably having made supermodel Cindy Crawford look amazing for years. She also has a full makeup line at Target (since 1998), and stands by her mantra of affordable and accessible quality makeup. Having known of her talent for years, I decided to stop by her brand in the beauty aisle one day on a Target run to look at some of the newer products. One of the products I saw was the Undetectable Stick Foundation. I had not recently replenished my Clinique Chubby In the Nude Stick Foundation, so I decided to give this a try instead. I picked up the shade Latte 13, and took quick note that the product details indicated sheer, more natural coverage. I normally like more medium coverage foundations, but since I was needing a foundation to easily travel with, I decided to go ahead and purchase.

After using for about a month, I am a bit disappointed to say that I was a little underwhelmed with the performance of the foundation. The shade was right, and the formula blended easily with both my fingers and a foundation brush. But the challenge, for me, was that I just didn’t like the light coverage. I also felt that it didn’t have a lot of staying power, which I was used to with the Clinique stick foundation performance. I did like the size of the product, and the value of the amount of foundation you received for the money. But as someone who has a bit of hyper-pigmentation in my skin (since I’m so sun-sensitive), I didn’t feel that the coverage was buildable enough. Also, I have combination skin, which seemed to feel a little bit oily later in the day with this formula.

I do think that if you are looking for a very natural, easy-to-use foundation, you may really like this. If you have a more dry skin type, this creamy formula may be a bit more comforting for you as well, even though the product states that is has oil-absorbing qualities. (Wha? Yeah, I know!) The convenience of the stick packaging is great –  it was very convenient for travel! I am a fan of Sonia Kashuk makeup, as I think her brand offers a great selection of multi-tasking products, and very wearable shades, at a great price point. But for those who are wanting a higher performance foundation, I’m not sure this is the one that I would recommend.

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