Product Review: beauty box finds

I am no stranger to beauty box subscription services, but I feel that there are definitely enough variations and choices now that can fit whatever level of comfort you may have to trying new products. My challenge is being able to try or use up the products fast enough before another box arrives – therefore, this blog post is a bit behind schedule as I needed more time to actually use and try the latest box that I’ve decided to test. The beauty box I tested in the month of March is from, a company local to me and one that has been around since 2012. I was excited to try this, as I knew it would contain more indie brands, and not be similar to IPSY, which features mostly big retail brands that I can easily get elsewhere. The box price was just over $40, but that was the total of the products at half their cost. Let’s take a look at what arrived, based on my personalized bio/profile:


From the Top:

  1. IBY Beauty Mascara – IBY stands for “Inspired by You”, and I’m really liking this formula. The brush is a large bristle brush, not silicone, and the shade is very highly pigmented. Rich with Vitamin E, this formula is based on natural ingredients and is paraben-free. I took this with me on vacation two weeks ago to Hilton Head, SC, and the formula held up to humidity without flaking or smudging.
  2. Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill tinted brow gel – this product is basically a tiny mascara for brows, which gives control, fills in sparse areas, and creates a fuller look. This style of brow product has become super popular in recent years, and is a bit different to master than a brow pencil. But kudos to the Wantable stylist for getting me a great shade based on my profile – it’s long wearing, and super buildable.
  3. Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass fabulous lip & cheek stain – I’ll admit that even though this isn’t a new product concept (Benefit and TheBalm have been pros at this for years), I really liked this formula. The sheer, rich cherry color blended in well with my skin tone to create a natural looking blush, and a pretty pink matte lip shade. I layered a light opalescent lip gloss over this, and was able to flex the shade from matte to shimmery in seconds.
  4. Spellbound Nail Lacquer by Liberty Republic – Jordan Liberty is an LA-based makeup artist and educator, and his products have received a lot of buzz and awards. I chose to get a pedicure with this coral shade ‘Snap Dragon’ for our South Carolina vacation, and I’m loving the formula so far. The formula acts like gel, has a true color pay-off, and is long-wearing.


It was fun to give this service a try, and I’ll consider them again in the future. If you are more into independent beauty brands, I recommend giving them a try as I think you’ll have fun with discovering their picks. Their website had a different functionality than Julep, Birchbox or IPSY, but you can build your custom profile to match your preferences on what you want to receive. They also provide skincare in addition to makeup. Just be prepared to receive full sizes of product, and not samples, which is a bit different from other beauty box subscriptions like Birchbox.

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