Product Review: Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K

I’ll admit – I caved and bought a lip kit, basically because I was able to get one (a full year later AFTER it launched) without paying too much for the matte liquid lipstick and lipliner. If you remember last year December, these lip kits sold out online within minutes. But I recently had the need for a great nude lipstick, and I figured “why not?” when I had the opportunity to buy. So, let’s get to the review!


The packaging is definitely attention-getting, especially if you were familiar with the controversy around the melting lips imagery. I chose the Koko K shade, which is a soft pinky-nude color. Overall, there are 21 shades to try in the matte lip kit category on Kylie’s website. But I wanted to match my own lip shade as closely as possible, as an everyday color. A great trick to finding that perfect shade is to pull your lower lip down and match the color to the skin tone. The color that matches the inside skin of your lower lip will look perfect, every time!


This shade did not disappoint, as it exactly matched my natural lip color. I did prime my lips before applying with my favorite treatment: Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I let the salve absorb a bit, since I didn’t want the glossy sheen to distort the matte finish of the liquid lipstick. After the salve absorbed, I applied the lipliner all over my lips. The liner applied smoothly and wasn’t dry or too waxy. I then applied the matte lipstick over the lipliner, which featured a simple doe-foot applicator. When applying, I noticed a few things:

  1. The lipstick almost immediately transferred on to my teeth, which was a little surprising. The shade is beautiful, but I did notice that I needed to watch how much lipstick came out of the tube. Once I played with it a bit, I was able to figure out how much to apply to avoid having too much on the applicator.
  2. The lipstick tube is a teensy bit cheap looking. I know I’m a bit hypercritical of packaging (from years of being in retail), but I found some of the black ink on the tube’s logo rubbing off with use. Didn’t anticipate that!
  3. The lipliner is very pretty and easy to wear on it’s own. I think I’d consider getting the lipliner on it’s own going forward, more than the lip kit.

All in all, the shade is gorgeous and what I wanted. It also did not get sticky or tacky – it stayed comfortable to wear, and was moisturizing. I’ve found that other matte lipsticks tended to feel goopy or chalky over time, but this wore well throughout the day. It does appear that Kylie’s website is fully stocked and up and running for Christmas, so my hunch is that you won’t need to fork over a fortune if you want a kit of your own this holiday.

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