Beauty Topic: Strobing in Fall? Yes.

This past Spring and Summer brought on a slew of new highlighting and contouring products to the market. And there as also a new word in our vocabulary, “strobing”. This is basically applying highlighter, and forgoing the contouring balance effect. And the result is beautiful and great for any age or skin tone. 

If you purchased a highlighter this past summer, don’t think that you cannot use it even though Fall’s makeup colors trend darker. In fact, strobing is a great means to keep a brighter complexion, and soften up features to give darker berry lip colors a perfect complement. Here’s a few products that I tried over Summer that I love, and that I’ll keep using until next Spring! 

From the top left, clockwise:

1) PUR’s Sunkissed Glow highlighting palette features cream-to-powder formulas that range from a light carmel to champagne. These 3 shades blend together easily, and I like applying them with my foundation brush to blend. I’ve used them as a highlighting eyeshadow as well, and they can sub in for blush or light contouring too.

2) LORAC’s Light Source Illuminating Highlighter in Twilight is a beautiful neutral champagne. The powder is silky, and a little goes a very long way. Makes a fantastic eyeshadow substitute, and creates an overall glow. 

3) Julep Skip the Brush cream-to-powder blush stick is actually a fantastic highlighter in the shade “sheer glow”. And it does just that – this a super versatile product in one convenient package. I love it for travel, or if you want a quick and easy means to try highlighting. 

So, what are some tips for quick and easy highlighting? After foundation is set,  think of only applying the highlighter to the areas of the face that are “high-points” or that would normally catch light. I.e: brow bone, forehead, tops of cheeks, bridge of nose, and tip of chin. Apply just a bit, and blend well. The goal isn’t to make the skin look “shiny”, but rather have a soft glow. This also lessens the appearance of fine lines, and conceals uneven skin tone. Apply blush after, as needed to warm up the complexion. In the darker months of November through February, these effect is really pretty if you go out for dinner or drinks – the sheer sheen will catch the light and play up your natural features.

Plus, all of these products I mention above are great for sensitive skin, and don’t give a glittery, disco-ball effect. I wear a highlighter every day, and I can tell the difference in my appearance when I don’t. Strobe on, lovelies, strobe on. 

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