Product Review: Lipstick Queen’s Hello Sailor lipstick 

I’ve read about this lipstick for months, and after a recent Ulta run I decided to cave in and give it a try. Lipstick Queen has emerged as a specialty lip brand in the last several years, and has garnered a ton of positive reviews. I was curious as to how this was different from the old-school “mood” changing lipstick, and then realized that it was completely different. Let’s see what makes this a fun alternative to your everyday lipsticks!

hello sailor, lipstick queen
blue-hued hello sailor lipstick

#1: It’s blue!

Yup, blue. But, the really cool aspect about this shade is that it immediately transforms your natural lip shade into a berry-hued tint. The blue tint is very sheer, and adjusts with your natural lip color. Berry shades are the perfect transition color from Summer into Fall. I’ve also found you can use this lipstick to make a lighter pink lipstick a deeper tone, or change the color of a cool-toned lipstick that you have grown tired of.

#2: It’s not your average lipstick formula!

The Vitamin E-enriched formula goes on to give a moisturizing texture that lasts. There is no shimmer, which I’m really loving right now – this acts almost like a gloss in how sheer and hydrating the color glides on. 

#3: It makes your teeth appear whiter!

Just like red lipsticks, this blue undertone lipstick will create an optical illusion to make teeth appear whiter. Bonus!

If you are in the market to try a higher-end lipstick that features these extra benefits, I think you’d find it a great addition to your makeup bag. 

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