Product Review: PUR Cosmetics’ new mascaras

So, to be fair, I should actually say “newer” mascaras, since both of these PUR Cosmetics mascaras have been on the market for a bit. But they are the newest formulas to the line’s assortment of eye makeup. And I decided to try both formulas back to back and compare. 

PUR’s Volume Vixen Mascara in Black

This keratin-enriched formula has been around for about a year, and it combines a volumizing and strengthening blend of ingredients. The wand has a unique delivery design to control the amount of product distributed. I’ll admit I didn’t get the type of application ease that I normally see with my favorite e.l.f. Mineral Infused mascara.

The brush is comprised of evenly spaced bristles, but it does a good job of lengthening, defining and separating. I felt that it kept up with me during the day, and didn’t flake or smudge. Plus, I did like that the formula is buildable. Overall, I think it’s a good upgrade from the Big Look mascara by PUR.

PUR’s Fully Charged Mascara in Black

This mascara boasts a formula that uses magnetic polymer technology. This is the latest mascara from PUR, and I love it! The formula delivers a bold application from the start, and still lifts, defines, and builds volume fast. I’ll admit I was a bit curious on how the magnetic technology would make a difference – but I was happily surprised to see how well this mascara performed. Per PUR’s product info, the formula also includes peptides to give an anti-aging benefit.

The brush has a variety of bristle lengths, and builds the formula fast. Plus, I felt like it grabbed every lash fast. I wore it during humid days, and there was no flaking or smudging. Out of the two, this was my favorite, hands-down.

Both formulas are great, and are priced just under $25. For prestige mascaras, I prefer the Fully Charged formula, as it performed best for me. Both are very easy easy to remove with a cleansing cloth, and didn’t irritate my eyes. Give these a try – I think you will get great results too! 

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