Beauty Topic: What to do with beauty products you don’t like…

We’ve all been there – you thought you would try the beauty product that was hailed as the next “miracle” in a jar, only to wonder who actually defined the word miracle. Or you got suckered into buying a small fortune worth of products at a makeup counter, because you didn’t have the heart to say no to the salesperson. My golden rule of thumb is keep your receipt whenever you try new products. Most people think that they can’t return a used  beauty product, but in truth you absolutely can (at most large retailers) within a specified amount of time. Ordering products online or via infomercial (buying stuff at 2am while drunk happens!) is trickier for returns, so I do recommend trying more expensive products from a local store. You can try it from a tester, play with it for consistency, texture, or talk with a salesperson about it. But then it’s also local for returning it, if you absolutely don’t like it after taking it home.

But what do you do about products that currently may be taking up space in your closet, shower or drawers? Here’s some advice, and also some myth-busting tips:

1) Shower Gels or Bar Soaps- if you develop a rash from using, then either return or toss asap. Allergic reactions are nothing to mess with. But if you simply don’t like the scent, foaming factor, etc, then dump bubble bath or shower gel into a hand soap dispenser. These make great guest bathroom handsoaps, and don’t go to waste. Same with bar soaps – just use up by the sink.

2) Shampoo or Conditioner – if they just don’t work for your hair type, or if your scalp starts to itch, you can always use them to wash and condition the dog. If you bought them from your salon or stylist, see if they can give you a refund or exchange for different products. Human scalps can be sensitive to fragrances, and hair products are loaded with them. Shampoos could also double as hand soap, since they do clean and foam up. Conditioners also can double as shaving cream for legs.

3) Lipstick – all the rage is bright pink, but you feel like a clown wearing it? Or you thought that you could rock the ’90’s throwback brown Wet n’Wild shade that you spent all of your junior year in high school wearing, but it just doesn’t fit your vibe now? If you bought an expensive lipstick from a counter, see if they can give you a store credit. Or at least, you can give it a try as a cream blush. You can easily blend it in with a foundation brush, and layer a highlighter over it to give it some added effect and staying power. 

4) Eyeshadow Palette – I can tell you that in my 15 years in beauty, I’ve rarely met anyone who has used ALL shades within an eyeshadow palette equally. But if you are using one shade in the palette only, then look at using other shades as eyeliners, or matte brown shades as brow colors. Don’t ever feel pressured that if you don’t have a makeup palette, you aren’t doing makeup “right”. There are a couple of celebrities that don’t ever wear eyeshadow – and you probably can’t tell the difference.

5) Bronzer – similarly with eyeshadow, not everyone loves contouring or the sun-kissed look. If you have a bronzer you just don’t like, give it a try as an eyeshadow. 

6) Nail Polish – guilty of having a ton of nail polishes, but using only 2 shades routinely? Give these a try at Easter for decorating eggs with the kids, or try some fun crafts at home (vases, pottery, canvases) that normally call for acrylics. If they are old, and liquids are separating, then toss!

7) Facial Moisturizers or Serums – these make fantastic anti-aging treatments for your hands. Our hands often get neglected from the same care we give our faces – but the wear and tear on our hands is so easy to detect. Hands often show the first signs of aging, especially with sun damage. If you spent a lot on face cream and just don’t love it, give it a try as a nightly hand treatment.

My biggest tip of all is to know what you are comfortable with and stick to it. If you feel like you got “oversold” by visiting a makeup counter or a beauty store, then make a visit back with the products and give them a chance to make it right – based on what you like. As a former counter manager, I would rather have my customers happy and coming back, rather than fear approaching the counter at all. 

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