Beauty Topic: Wedding Day beauty do’s & don’ts

We are just around the corner from wedding season, and I wanted to give some advice on what to do, and especially, what NOT to do. If you are a bride, or a member of the bridal party, read on for tips on how to ensure you look your best on the big day. 

#1 Do: Look like yourself but “polished”, and book a couple of trial applications about 2 months out.

I’ve been doing bridal makeup since 2000, and the number one thing that brides and bridal party attendants ask for is to look like a specific celebrity on the day of the wedding. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty on the wedding day, not try to make you look like you just came off a magazine cover. Also, realize that your photos should look like you – so if you go very drastic on makeup that doesn’t match your style, it will look really odd when you get your photos back. Most important, do a few trial runs before the day of. It’s not a good idea to meet your makeup artist for the first time the day that you get married. Be yourself, wear colors that enhance your natural coloring, and have your makeup done by someone you trust – that is a great way to ensure fantastic photos. 

#1 Don’t: Don’t make all bridesmaids wear the same eyeshadow or lipstick shade.

First off, it’s tacky to all be matchy-matchy. Second, everyone has different natural coloring in their skin and eyes that will affect how a lipstick or eyeshadow shade appears on them. Nail polish is one exception, since the colors are far enough from the face. But when it comes to makeup, see #1 Do above – let everyone be themselves and wear colors that are correct for them.

#2 Do: 3 to 6 months before your wedding, visit a dermatologist or esthetician to establish a good skincare regimen.

Makeup and Photoshop can cover up skin issues, but it’s good healthcare to make sure you are doing right by your skin every day. Your dress will probably also show some skin if it’s strapless, so caring for skin head to toe early is a great way to look amazing the day off. Plus? Wedding planning can be stressful, which can also lead to acne and breakouts. You will feel more confident and beautiful the day of if you know your skin is taken care of properly. Skincare checks are usually considered part of preventative care too! 

#2 Don’t: Unless you are regularly waxed, do not wax or use depilatory creams on your eyebrows or lip the day of the wedding.

I have seen firsthand the horrors of this – reactions, sudden breakouts, or (worst of all) skin coming off. Waxing is not for everyone, and depilatory creams (like Nair) can create dermatitis or rashes if you’ve never done a patch test before to know your sensitivity. It’s irresponsible of salons to do this for people the day of a wedding, in my opinion. I can’t tell you how many scabs on upper lips and brow bones that I’ve had to cover up with concealer over the years – not to mention trying to calm a bride down who’s on the verge of sobbing because of irritated or damaged skin. If you want to try it, give yourself at least 6 months ahead of your wedding day, just in case you have a reaction. Tweezing is always your best option if you are in a pinch.

#3 Do: Make use of primers and setting powder to help makeup stay put all day.

I’ve had great luck with Cargo’s HD line of primers (face, lip and eye) and translucent setting powder to keep makeup in check, especially if you have combination or oily skin. These are lightweight yet high-performance products. They were actually developed to use on news reporters due to high-definition cameras.  Know that it may be a little bit more of a process than what you are used to, but it will help your makeup colors stay true and fresh throughout a hectic day.


cargo, primer, powder, hd makeup
Cargo’s HD primers & translucent powder

 #3 Don’t: Spray Tans and self-tanners should not be applied the day of the wedding! Start using at least a month out to avoid streaks on your skin and dress.
No lie, I saw a bride with orange streaks down the side of her dress because she applied self-tanner on her arms in the morning, and it rubbed off on her dress as she walked during the day. While I strongly recommend using self-tanners over actual tanning beds (avoid melanoma!), they do need some time to work and build by layering. Keep in mind that if you are going to be sweating by dancing up a storm, that means any tinted body product you apply can and will come off! Apply glitter, shimmer, and bronzers with care as a white dress will stain easily – look for waterproof formulas that last.

I hope that this PSA is helpful to anyone who has a wedding or big event coming up. A wedding can be stressful enough, so hopefully this guides you in making good choices to look and feel your best the day of. Cheers to a fantastic day! 

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