Product Review: CoverGirl Star Wars Lashblast Mascara – The Force Awakens Limited Edition

I’m not gonna lie – I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and I could not wait to try the limited edition line that was announced. The legendary Pat McGrath created the line’s products and color range, based on 6 different looks. I was excited that the Walgreen’s near me had a display, and only a few products were left. I chose a mascara from “The Dark Side” – the SuperSizer in Very Black. I’ll admit, I like Rebels, but the Dark Side is also very tempting. 😉


covergirl, lashblast, mascara, star wars
Limited Edition CoverGirl Star Wars LashBlast mascara
First off, the packaging is totally fun! I really love this one, as it quotes Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi: “Indeed you are powerful [as the Emperor has foreseen]”. Yeah, Luke is powerful – spoiler alert. 
covergirl, mascara, star wars
CoverGirl Star Wars 8/10 The Dark Side mascara

Also, the wand is really nice, compared to the usual Lashblast brush – it’s slim and has silicone bristles that are nice and short. I don’t like super thick or oversized mascara wands – I think they are clunky and don’t really apply mascara evenly. To me they are just hype – the most important part of it to me is the silicone brush itself. You can get a tight-line effect with this brush, as it allows you to get close to the lash line and build for volume. 

covergirl, mascara, star wars, lashblast
SuperSizer mascara wand brush
Now, the formula is a bit meh…the shade is a nice, deep black. But the formula gets a bit spiky and hard quickly – it doesn’t allow you to build easily like my favorite e.l.f. Mineral Infused mascara. It’s rather disappointing, because otherwise it glides on smoothly at the start of applying. You’d think that a perfectionist like Vader wouldn’t allow that to happen. But then again, the Death Star was built with a wide-open hatch to destroy it’s power source. So, you know, I guess you can’t win them all.

Bottom line, I thought that this was a fun spin on merchandising between two companies. And the integration of movie quotes and product packaging was very creative. I imagine we are also just seeing the beginning of these types of collaborations going forward, since movie producers realize that women make up a huge amount of the fan base.

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