Beauty Topic: Top 3 Home remedies for dry & irritated skin

Extreme temperatures cause a lot of challenges for all skin types. But before you panic and run to the nearest store to drop a ton of money on pricey creams or treatments, you actually may have some instant remedies in your kitchen!

For all skin types, it’s important to note that allergies can happen or crop up at any time. So, please be mindful of using items from your kitchen – food allergies do translate to skin allergic reactions too! Here’s my recommendations, but by all means please use at your own judgment if you do suffer from any known allergies.

  1. Olive Oil: Extra Virgin is usually my go to for cooking, and is also fantastic as a light but deep moisturizer for skin. Olive oil has been a cosmetic staple for centuries – it also is a base ingredient for many types of soaps, makeup, and skincare products. One of the main reasons is that olive oil mimics our skin’s own natural sebum (oil) and therefore is readily absorbed by the skin. Looking for a super mild but effective makeup remover? Grab a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and some cotton pads. I do like olive oil for combination and oilier skin; it doesn’t feel as heavy as other oils. It will help soothe dry patches and also is great for cracked cuticles.
  2.   Coconut Oil: this has been a huge trending topic the last few years in the beauty industry, similar to Argan/Morroccan Oil in it’s hey day. Why? Well, for one, coconut-based ingredients are used in a huge amount of beauty and bath products. Also, it’s very hydrating and soothing in it’s raw form. I like to get mine from Trader Joe’s, as I feel it’s great quality for the price. Coconut oil will remove every last bit of makeup, and hydrates / soothes extremely dry skin. Note: there are TONS of uses for this noted on the Internet, but please be cautious using a glass jar in the bathroom. I transfer mine into little plastic jars, as this stuff can be very slippery! Mix a little bit in with your favorite body lotion, and it boosts hydration but absorbs quickly. Due to it’s creamy consistency, it makes a sweet lip balm too. 
  3. Manuka Honey: this is pretty magical stuff! Manukau honey is from New Zealand, and is considered a super food. It is also nature’s antibiotic, and soothes irritation or cuts. It makes a really nice face mask to balance, hydrate, and purify – just use a warm washcloth to remove after 5 minutes or so. A spoonful is also great at helping to soothe sore throats! 

Here’s a couple of tips I’ve picked up through using these products regularly:


trader joe's, coconut oil, yes to carrots
one of my favorite makeup removing combos!
For makeup removal, I use a quarter-size amount of coconut oil and melt it in my palm first – then spread all over face and eyes to completely breakup makeup. Then, I use my Yes To Cucumbers wipes to remove. Since I have combination skin, I do follow with cleanser, serum, treatments and moisturizer. 

For moisturizering, I don’t use these oils (olive or coconut) on my face during the day. Remember – oils breakup makeup. So, if you don’t want your makeup sliding down your face during the day, leave your oils for night treatments. But I LOVE mixing a bit of these oils in with my body lotion when I get out of the shower in the morning during winter – it keeps my skin hydrated, but the lotion helps the oils absorb fast.

Use plastic containers for these products to be safe – look at your local Target or Container Store for cute and functional options, especially when using in bathroom with slick ceramic or tile surfaces. Safety first! Simply refill from the original containers – a little goes a really long way with each of these products, so you will get your money’s worth!

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