Product Review: Davines Sea Salt Spray

I’m normally not a huge fan of sea salt sprays, mostly because of how sticky or crunchy I’ve found some formulas to be. However, I recently got a sample of Davines Sea Salt Spray from Birchbox, and I was actually surprised at how much I liked it. My hair is straight and thick, and normally doesn’t have wave to it. When I’ve tried sea salt sprays in the past, it left a gummy feeling in my hair – nothing like the “wavy” or “piecey” texture that was promised on the bottle. But then, this bottle came in the mail, and I actually loved the way it made my hair look and feel.


davines, sea salt spray, hair styling
great choice for sea salt sprays
I’ve found that I can use this two ways, specifically for my hair type:

1. After curling my hair with my 1.25″ inch curling iron, I spray this lightly through my hair. It gently relaxes the curl, slightly, and then gives it a lightweight texture and hold. But it keeps volume, and doesn’t feel tacky or crunchy. 

2. Halfway through blow-drying, I spray lightly to give a little bit of hold. Then I’ll blow dry until my hair is mostly dry. I then twist it up and hold it with a clip, to let dry. During this time I’ll usually finish my makeup. When I release the clip, I’ll then use a bit more spray, and my hair is slightly textured, and not just straight. But I really like how my hair still feels touchable, and has a bit of shine.

I’m surprised about how much my sample size has lasted me, and I did buy the full size. But a little does go a long way! I still love and use my Tresemme hairspray, but this is a great alternative when I want a bit more of a relaxed style. 

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