Beauty Topic: Beauty Tools (part 3: hair tools)

Some people spend a lot of time on their hair everyday. And some don’t. I’m in the “don’t” column, as over the years I’ve learned that my hair likes to be a certain way – longer, with gradual layers, and washed every other day. Plus, I’m at the age where I need to color it every 8 weeks. Ok, I can live with that. And truly, I usually only style it in 4 ways – stick straight (it’s normal behavior), loose waves (via curling iron), a ponytail, or a high bun. But, I’ve noticed that over the years, the items that have either made or wrecked my styles have simply been the kind of comb or brush I used at the time of styling, and if I used the right prep / styling product. So, therefore, I think that the most important thing you can do from a hair styling tool standpoint is have the right brush, comb and product combo to tackle anything that your hair, and climate, throws at you.

#1: hair brush and comb 

wide-tooth comb, hair brush
my daily choices for hair brush and comb
When I made the switch 9 years ago to a wide-tooth comb, it changed everything about my hair. I had far less breakage, spent less time detangling my hair, and noticed I had less split ends. Combing wet hair with too fine of a comb can actually stretch the hair, weakening the strands. If they are already color-treated, or damaged, then it puts more stress on the hair to create breakage. These wide-tooth combs can be found pretty much anywhere, but make a huge difference, from curly to straight hair. They are also great for distributing product evenly through hair.

For brushes, yes, you could make a huge investment in a Mason Pearson brush. But, I’ve found a great, much less expensive alternative with the Sonia Kashuk version from Target. It has my favorite combo of plastic and boar hair bristles. Plus, it’s gentle on the hair and scalp. Remember to clean your brush often, especially if you use a lot of dry shampoos or styling products, as build up can occur. I’ve noticed that this brush adds shine to my hair, and I haven’t had the issue with static or flyaways either. 

#2: treatment & styling products

tresemme, fekkai, suave, argan oil
treatment & styling products for daily use
Everyday that I wash my hair, I make sure that I put in a treatment product before blow-drying. Over the years, I’ve noticed that it makes my hair more manageable, color lasts longer, and I don’t suffer from static. Argan (Moroccan) oil has had a huge surge in popularity in beauty products over the years, and I especially like it for hair – it’s lightweight, non-greasy, and doesn’t interfere with other styling products. Suave makes a really nice hair serum with Moroccan Oil, which is also extremely afforable. The other treatment product I love is Fekkai’s Brilliant Glossing Creme. This is made with olive oil, and gives the same benefits as the Moroccan oil treatment. 

I don’t like using much else for styling products, but my everyday must-have is Tresemme’s Tres-Two Hairspray. I use it all over, even within my long hair. I’ve found that it fights humidity, static, and doesn’t feel crunchy. It holds curl beautifully too. A lot of people are surprised that I spray it all over – but hairspray can be super versatile that way. Plus, the fragrance in this is light, and isn’t overpowering. Other than this, I don’t really use any other styling products – I’ve found that I can brush this out of my hair easily, and restyle the next day without feeling heavy buildup. 

Let me know if you have any hair product favorites too! There’s a ton of choices out there, but usually when you find a combo that works for you, it makes for great hair days!

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