Beauty Topic: Beauty Tools (part 1 – Skincare)

In the last 5 years, the beauty industry has exploded with various tools to help you achieve results previously only found through spa, salon, and dermatologist office services. But the question I get asked all of the time is “are the tools worth it?” My goal is to help you navigate through the hundreds of choices out there by explaining the purpose behind these tools.

The next several posts of mine will address this as a category type of discussion, breaking down the tools per the beauty category they sit within. This first post will be about using tools as part of your daily skincare routine.


skincare tools, facial cleansing brushes
facial cleansing brushes & tools

Any skin type has to be careful with how much exfoliation is incorporated into the skincare routine. Per my previous posts on exfoliation, there are two types of exfoliation: chemical and physical. Facial cleansing brushes and Konjac sponges are physical exfoliators. They just happen to work with your cleanser to amp up the cleansing process, but also exfoliate at the same time. My favorite way to look at this is as ‘power tools’ vs. ‘manual labor’.
Rotating or sonic facial brushes range in price, technology, and intensity. If you use a sonic toothbrush, you know how deeply it cleans – but also how your gums have a couple of weeks of getting used to the high-intensity cleansing action. So, if you have rosacea or other hyper-sensitive skincare concerns, I recommend going the manual labor route by using a Konjac sponge, if you are wanting a deeper clean. Reason being is that you have much more control over much exfoliation you are receiving. Also, Konjac sponges are incredibly gentle and smooth to the skin’s surface – you’d really have to scrub hard to cause irritation. Facial brushes are a great option if your skin can take a little more physical action, and I’ve found great results with the non-sonic, rotating versions. Not that sonic isn’t a great choice, but I wanted to try something bit less pricey to incorporate into my daily routine. Back in my spa days, I would use brushes that were literally the same technology on my clients during facial services. Sonic versions are a bit more pricey, due to advanced technology, and are best used with foaming cleansers. Think of sonic brushes as truly high-powered tools for cleansing the skin – they also often have an auto-shutoff function to prevent you from doing too much.

If you’d like to try these tools out, here are my tips for use before you purchase:

  • If price is a concern, Konjac sponges or rotating brushes are most affordable
  • If you get a rotating or sonic facial brush, make sure to get one that offers more than just 1 speed – this gives you more control over intensity if you have sensitive skin
  • Make sure the tool has a place to dry properly after use. I keep mine in my shower caddy, so that it can air dry easily
  • Foaming cleansers work best with both facial brushes & sponges 
  • If you start using one of these tools daily, you’ll find that you don’t need to use scrubs or peels as often – you are getting a daily exfoliation instead 
  • Don’t overdo it!! For example, I use my facial brush in the morning, but at night, I cleanse, tone, and then apply an anti-aging serum (chemical exfoliator), as it will address other skin concerns at a deeper level in the skin while I sleep. I found this balance keeps my skin from getting irritated.
  • Lastly, replace brush heads or Konjac sponges every 3 months, like you would your mascara or toothbrush

You will find that your skin is more polished, smoother, clearer, and brighter with regular use of a cleansing tool. And logically, yes, people that invest money into a tool are more often likely to use it, so therefore their skin will be in better condition with regular use. There are bunch of options out there, so if you are interested, I suggest giving a few a try to see what works best for you. 

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