Product Review: Altchek MD skincare picks

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you want anti-aging formulas? Well then check out these picks of mine from the NYC-based brand Altchek MD. Dr. Altchek is a real-life dermatologist that developed this line of anti-aging skincare, designed to work with most skin types. The reason I really like it for sensitive skin is that there’s zero  added fragrance, and the formulas are gentle yet high-powered. I selected a few of their products to try myself, and I’ll admit that I was pretty impressed with the results I got. For me, that is high praise – not trying to sound snobby, but having worked in this industry for years, I have seen (and tried) a lot. The formulas do what they say, and my reactive skin didn’t have any irritation.


anti-aging, skincare, altchek md
altchek md anti-aging skincare picks

The first product I tried was the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser. I got the travel-sized version for my gym bag. This cleanser has exfoliating beads within it, and I tested this to see if it would replace my separate cleanser and scrub in my gym bag. Success! I really like how it polishes the skin, and provides a good clean. However, don’t use it around your eye area due to the beads.

The second product I tried is the pack of Glycolic Renewal Pads. I like these as an alternate to serums, when you want a peel effect to soften fine lines, purify, and brighten skin tone. I use them only at night, as that is the optimum time for the skin to renew itself, and you won’t risk any sun exposure damage. Glycolic acid increases photo-sensitivity, so I don’t recommend using these during the day. For as high-powered as these are, my skin still felt soothed and non-irritated. Use after cleansing, and before moisturizer. 

Lastly, the Depuff Eye Pads are a great way to soothe tired, dry, and puffy eyes. I loved wearing these while I was relaxing in bed, right before going to sleep. Also, it’s a great way to hydrate the eye area, which will naturally minimize fine lines. The pads are cooling, one-time use per pack, and can be worn up to 30 minutes. 
People also usually ask “when should I start using anti-aging skincare products?” Well…that varies per person. So, ask yourself, what are my top 3 concerns? If discoloration or fine lines are within your top 3 concerns, then yes, make the switch to start using anti-aging formulas. Most anti-aging formulas will also help fight adult acne too, since they often contain the same alpha and beta hydroxy acids within acne-fighting products. 

This brand is also a great introduction into an anti-aging line, if you are new to these types of products. Enjoy!

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