Product Review: Trader Joe’s moisturizing cream shave

For sensitive skin, hair removal can be a chore. Not that it isn’t already, but sensitivity also adds an element of increased irritation. In my experience, my skin has always been too delicate and reactive to wax frequently, so I’m basically left with shaving as my go-to daily hair removal. I’ve tried a lot of different shaving creams too, but I’ve found that foaming formulas or heavily scented ones create more irritation and redness. Many of you know I already love quite a few of Trader Joe’s beauty products, and I really like their Honey Mango Moisturizing Cream Shave as well.


trader joe's, cream shave
a great non-foaming shave cream

This formula does have a very light scent to it, so it is not fragrance-free. But what I really like about this product is that it provides great slip to the skin to reduce the drag of the razor. Plus, it is thick and doesn’t become watery in the shower, even though it is a non-foaming formula. It is very comforting to the skin, and rinses easily without leaving any waxy buildup. My husband uses it also for his face, and really loves the soothing results. For the price, it is a great value – we usually split a tube between the two of us for a couple months, and it’s a really generous amount to begin with. 

Naturally-based shave creams can often be oily, but this is not. I’ve not really been a fan of the whole “use coconut oil for every beauty product” bandwagon, and I know that many people were advising using coconut oil to shave with. But in truth, I didn’t like the idea of using an oil in the shower (because I’m a klutz and I’d probably slip), and I need to be able to “see” where I shaved or else I would totally miss spots. So, instead, this is a great product that not only delivers results, but is a great bargain for the impressive list of natural ingredients that it includes. Until I decide to try laser hair removal, I’ll stick with this.

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