Beauty Topic: Travel & post-sun skincare

My husband and I just got back from a few days with family down in Fort Myers, FL. And, as usual, our priority was to avoid sunburn, as we are both fair-skinned and auburn haired. The weather was 98 degrees and humid for the weekend, and my skin was definitely at an all-time high for sensitivity. Plus, I ran out of my travel-sizes of skincare. What is a girl to do in a pinch when in a city that you normally don’t frequent? Head to Walgreens and look for good alternatives. Here’s what I recommend from Walgreens that you could pretty much find coast to coast, and are multi-tasking:

CeraVe, Simple, skincare
CeraVe & Simple skincare choices
  • CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar – this is a great cleanser for both face and body, and is super gentle to skin that has had too much exposure to chlorine and sun. It’s hydrating, yet deep cleansing, and is great as a shaving cream substitute. I like that is also saves space in your suitcase by combining both face wash and body wash into one convenient bar.
  • Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub – this scrub is great for the face, but also for arms, legs and feet. I like traveling with this, as it helps to polish and moisturize feet after running around in sand and flip flops, but is also gentle enough to use on your face to remove dry flakes. It’s a super gentle yet effective scrub.
  • Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer – this moisturizer is great for facial skin that is irritated, sunburnt or dry from pool or ocean water. It also makes a great moisturizer for patches of body skin that are over-dry and also suffering from irritation. It holds moisture, soothes redness, and helps to repair damage. Since this moisturizer and the scrub are rather inexpensive, I rely on these from head to toe to keep my skin in top shape while traveling.

Even very humid weather can make skin feel overly dry if you are going in and out of air conditioning, the pool, and the ocean.  And if you run out of the bath and skincare essentials that you brought, chances are you are able to get some great and inexpensive multi-taskers nearby that will keep you looking great! 

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