Beauty Topic: travel makeup brushes


EcoTools, makeup brushes, travel-size
EcoTools travel-size makeup brushes
Traveling doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your daily beauty routine. But it also doesn’t mean that you have to haul around your full makeup brush assortment either. There are plenty of travel-sized options available that actually rival their full-sized cousins by performing just as well. The key is to build a travel kit that matches closely to the normal brushes you use on a daily basis, and you will always be able to recreate your favorite looks on the go. 

Personally, I’ve had travel-size makeup brushes from a variety of brands. But lately I’ve assembled a kit with travel-sized brushes from EcoTools, and I’ve been really happy with the results. I’ve pieced together my own kit using their following brushes:

  • Retractable foundation brush – fantastic for blending BB creams, foundation, and concealer
  • Retractable kabuki brush – love for powder, bronzer and contouring 
  • 6-piece essential eye set – this is a great collection of shading, brow shaping, and liner brushes 

All of these brushes clean up well with brush cleanser and a simple wipe with a cloth. The bristles are extremely soft, but shaped well – they grip color and deposit it evenly onto the skin. 

I also love how I can fit all 8 of these brushes easily into the pouch that comes with the 6-piece essential eye set.


EcoTools, travel-size, makeup brushes
EcoTools travel makeup brush set

These are also a great option for your gym bag! 

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