Beauty Topic: body washes for sensitive skin

The summer always gives us the chance to show more skin than we normally would, and it’s also the time where a host of skincare issues on our bodies can also occur. These issues could involve back or chest acne, sunburn, irritation from bug bites or allergies, and dryness from too much fun in the pool. A lot of people (women in particular) will spend a ton of money on their facial skincare, but neglect to also care for their bodies in the same way. Unfortunately, this will then result in fine lines, irritations, discoloration, and other imperfections on shoulders, arms, legs, and other often visible body areas.

For body soap and body washes, the other common culprit for skin issues is added synthetic fragrance, or too “active allergens” of ingredients. Body soap and body washes are often marketed to deodorize or scent the body, as the general consensus is that we want to smell good (well, obviously)! But these fragrances and “deodorizing” properties often create allergies or skin irritations that can morph into conditions like acne, dermatitis, or dryness. 

The solution? Focus on bath and body products that are meant for sensitive skin care – you will reap the benefits by having less irritation, and smoother, healthier skin. Here’s two of my favorite picks for body washes and soap:

1) Dove Sensitive Skin formula bar soap – yup, this soap that has been around seemingly forever is my go-to bar soap for any time of the year. It has one of the lowest toxicity ratings per the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep database, and it’s always proven to me to soothe irritations yet deeply clean the skin. Another plus? This soap makes a fantastic shaving cream – it’s super frothy and creamy! The formula is very moisturizing, unscented, and is a great choice for any skin type. 

black soap, dove sensitive bar soap, body wash
my two fave body washes for sensitive skin!

2) African Black Soap – many of you may not have heard about this type of soap before. A quick history: it’s actually one of the oldest known soap formulas still in use today, and is considered somewhat medicinal. This type of soap (my two favorite brands are from Shea Moisture and Coastal Scents) is an awesome choice for sensitive body skin types that also suffer from back or chest acne, oiliness, or need a deodorizing quality. Black Soap is made from a process that is very natural, and includes charcoal – which absorbs impurities, excess oils, and odors from the skin. The formula also has a naturally soothing aroma and it’s perfect for men or women. My husband loves the liquid form of Black Soap, as it makes a great body wash. 

Soothed and properly moisturized skin will also be naturally able to age gracefully. You can also use your treatment serums on your body where needed to address concerns of discoloration, fine lines and acne. With the right body washes and treatments, your body skin will glow! 

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