Beauty Topic: my favorite foundations & concealers

foundation & concealer
my favorite drugstore picks!

I am a woman that has to wear foundation everyday. It’s not really that I’m high-maintenance or feel the need to be made up. But I just really love having that polished feeling of a good, even skin tone. Plus, I like the fact that most foundations now have skincare-like ingredients that care for and protect the skin every day. So, here’s my favorites for every budget and why:

Top Drugstore pick-

L’Oreal True Match foundation and concealer

  • Has a huge range of shades – you will absolutely find a great match for your skin tone within this product’s assortment
  • Great formula – seriously, even if you have the most sensitive skin, this foundation and concealer contain super skin-friendly ingredients and is fragrance-free 
  • SPF coverage from Titanium Dioxide – one of my favorite aspects, since it is still great protection with a lightweight feel on the skin
  • Concealer is creamy, and super convenient in a crayon form

Top Specialty Store pick –

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Liquid foundation and Disappearing Act Concealer

  • The 4-in-1 formula has a built-in primer, SPF 15, foundation and light concealer (love!!!)
  • It’s smooth, lightweight and hydrating – this is definitely a great choice for anti-aging benefits 
  • Long-wearing, silky, and protecting – the SPF is Octinoxate – just a word of caution for those who are sensitive to chemical sunscreens
  • Concealer is very concentrated, and a little goes a long way. This also makes for a great under-eye concealer!


foundation & concealer
my top high-end pick
There are always new formulas hitting the market. The best tip I can provide is that no matter what formula works best for your skin, make sure you are using the best tools for application. My favorite are foundation brushes – I think they give the best and fastest coverage. I’ve tried sponges, and while yes, they are nice, I find I can’t work as quickly or exact with sponges as I can with a brush. Plus, brushes can be kept clean and hygenic with a daily brush spray. If you invest in a good brush, know that it can also last you many years – I have a Clinique foundation brush that I’ve used for the last 7 years. With daily cleaning, it’s still like new. New technology for sponges also make them more durable, but note that you will most likely go through them faster than brushes. 

If there are any foundations that you have questions about, or can’t live without, let me know!

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