Beauty Topic: Derby Day Makeup

The ladies of the Derby are known for their hats and dresses. But what kind of makeup goes best with elaborate outfits? A pop of color on the lips, with neutral eyes and cheeks, is your best bet. Why? Well, if you are wearing a dramatic hat, chances are it will be covering most of your forehead, and partly your brow / eye area. So what’s left to see? Your lips. Make the most of them with a bright coral, pink, or a bold red. Plus, they will make your teeth look whiter. Here are some of my favorites that look great on most skin tones:

Lipstick: Palm Beach by Cargo (a bright coral peach)

Lip gloss: ZAAP! by theBalm (hot pink)

Lip crayon: Ring of Fire by LAQA & Co. (a very wearable neutral red)

Tips for wearing a bright lipstick:

1) keep eye shades next to nothing, and if only, wear mascara

2) exfoliate lips with warm water and a wash cloth – you don’t want any dry flakes clinging to the color

3) apply a little lip balm underneath, so the color goes on smoothly

Your local department store, or corner drugstores, will have very similar options available. Remember, it’s a day of extravagance – have some fun with a color you can easily wear into summer!

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